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090 Leo Pessl

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Life, Love & Leo Unleashed

This episode is a little different, it’s a conversation that is a beautiful example of what is possible in coaching.

At the time of recording Leo had been working with me for 6 months in my Coaching Life Unleashed program.

In this episode Leo shares some thoughts about his first 6 months of our time together.

He has been a wonderful client himself, open to looking at the uncomfortable, to be held with love through aspects of our exploration that have had him squirm, and a willingness to step into the unknown, which is all there really is.

We have explored some pretty deep topics during our time together, and this 24 minute conversation is barely a glimpse.

What is possible in coaching? A complete shift in your relationship with life, love and yourself.

If you’re a coach please feel free to share this episode with your prospects and clients as an example of what is possible in coaching.

Here’s a little more about Leo:
Born in Austria and raised in Germany by an American Mother and Austrian father, Leo developed a sense of alienation early in life. His “ADD” felt incompatible with traditional education and, feeling something was wrong with him, he found it difficult to connect with other people.

Since 2014 he has explored the nature of the human experience and through many kind and openhearted conversations has come to understand that how he felt was as much a universal as it was a personal experience. It is what he would describe as a pandemic of disconnection and disembodiment.

Having trained in Gestalt therapy and group dynamics, and being at much more ease with life, he reached a turning point in his career: daring to offer someone he had just met a coaching session. The feedback from that conversation helped him decide to follow his calling to coach.

Leo has invested in working with internationally renowned coaches and teachers and now takes much joy from helping his clients flourish and connect with a loving life.

He also enjoys writing, listening to and playing music, volunteering in the name of happiness, and supporting organizations or individuals in their quest for a better world.

You can find out more about Leo at (English coming soon!)
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