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077 Kevin Waldron

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A Coaching Life Revisited: Straight Talking Success

Over 3½ years after being the very first guest on the podcast in 2016, with his usual candour Kevin reflects on what has changed and reveals very simply what it takes to be a masterful coach building a sustainable practice. Without any sugar-coating, Kevin and Phil explore:

* Relaxing into being yourself & the power of curiosity
* The importance of your coaching impact on client acquisition
* What makes for an impactful coach
* What a masterful coaching practice can look like, including fees
* What it means to ‘do the work.’

Here’s a little more about Kevin: Kevin Waldron is the founder of Waldron Leadership, a business coaching and consulting company, that helps business owners get to that next level of performance. An experienced entrepreneur, Kevin started and grew a $24M a year disaster restoration company with over 200 employees and 5 offices, before selling his business to a national franchise. Based in Novato CA, Kevin now works with business owners around the world to grow their results.

In 2015 he pioneered the Kilimanjaro Project, a life leadership program, that had him take a client to the top of Mt Kilimanjaro in Africa.

Kevin is also the author of the upcoming book “Real Time Leadership”… How high performers change how they see their world to create a life worth living.”

Meet him at
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