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073 Tiago Buhr

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The Simplicity of Service

Can a simple smile and letters of appreciation really be part of service that leads to the creation of a prosperous coaching life? What of the relationship between being an entrepreneur running a business and actually being a coach? Can you show your faith in coaching in a way that enrols clients with no risk to them?

In a typically open and honest conversation, Tiago shares what he has seen on his journey from struggling coach to living a prosperous coaching life, create a successful coaching practice among chaos with consistency.

Here’s a little more about Tiago
By age 17, Tiago had founded his first company, growing from zero to 700,000 followers in two years. At 19, he sold it and began traveling the world. After five and a half months backpacking, he moved back to his home country Brazil and after a few business attempts, got clear on his values and started a coaching practice.

He has received coaching from some of the top coaches in the world, and now helps entrepreneurs, leaders and coaches who want to create a big impact in the world. They are ambitious, and want to use wealth creation and business building as a way to get connected with their loving and powerful version of themselves.

Tiago now resides in Florianópolis, Brazil, where he hosts VIP Days for his clients and helps them design their business to support a lifestyle of ease, fun and profitability.

Find out more at or through Facebook at
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