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061 Michele Attias

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The Power of Connecting

Author of the book ‘Look Inside:Stop Seeking Start Living’, that’s exactly what Michele did. Having come across an understanding of how life works that had her feel it was impossible to continue in her well-established therapy work, she has gone on to build a successful coaching practice by connecting, having fun, not taking things too seriously, and by relentlessly being of service.

Here’s a little more about Michele
Michele Attias originates from Gibraltar and currently resides in London. She is a Mindset Expert, Executive Coach, International Speaker and Author of the books ‘Look Inside: Stop Seeking Start Living' and 'Fit for Purpose Leadership.' She was previously a registered and accredited Therapist.
Her unique methodology combines the most powerful aspects of Coaching, Deep Mindset work and life Design, drawn from spending over 20 years working in the psychological field.

She’s a passionate writer and contributor for online platforms such as Thrive Global, Lifehack, Medium, Linkedin, The Start Up, Inbound, Personal Growth and Vunela.

In 2014 she was a finalist in The Women Inspiring Women Awards, and in 2017 was a Best Coach finalist at the Business Women Awards in the UK. She has also been featured in Gibraltar TV, Media and speaks internationally at events and conferences.

You can find out more about Michele at

Find her Youtube Channel of talks at:

Her book ‘Look Inside:Stop Seeking Start Living’ is available on Amazon at
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