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059 Jo Munday

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Trusting The Path

Coming from a career in radio and leading-edge online video, Jo now coaches people and helps them get their authentic message out into the world. In this episode she shares how a life event set her on a path of exploration that helped her see life differently, and become much more trusting of the path of life, allowing it to unfold as she explored opportunities that have helped her build a business using both her video and coaching skills.

Here’s a little more about Jo:

Jo Munday is a communication coach and video marketer who is passionate about helping business owners express themselves more naturally and fluently on camera, and to produce authentic video content that has real power and impact.

She offers one-to-one coaching and consultancy as well as group programmes to demystify the video production process and help people develop their authentic voice and message to create engaging, authentic videos that attract dedicated followers.

Jo started out in radio and tv production before moving to online video when it started to emerge in 2006. She is also a certified 'Clarity' coach and brings her understanding of mental health and peace of mind to her communication work.

Her new programme, ‘Authentic Video Magic – Build you business with authentic, impactful videos’ is launching this February
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