Thrive - Creating a Prosperous Coaching Life

Commencing February 2020
A results-orientated, intimate and practical coaching and mentoring group program, specifically for coaches building a sustainable and prosperous service-based business.

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There is no greater way of creating change in the world than taking action.
Phil Goddard

Isn't it time to move beyond ideas into creating your Prosperous Coaching Life?

Have you completed some coaching training, yet are tired of working all hours, having endless conversations and attending endless webinars and still not getting the results you desire?
Do you sometimes think ‘Is this it?’ or find yourself wondering what on earth it is you need to do to get a return on investment on your coaching training?

There is a solution:
Thrive is an intimate group program for coaches, and prospective coaches, who have completed some coaching training, who want to progress their coaching business and build a coaching practice that supports them in the lifestyle they desire.

This 6-month program will help you:
Take the mystery out of client creation.
Become liberated from perceived limitations and ideas.
Get moving into action to create impact, results and income.
Build a prosperous coaching practice on a foundation of freedom.
Thrive and move from 'doing ok' to excelling at running a coaching business.

Imagine waking up feeling excited at what you have lined up for the day, with enough money in the bank to cover several months bills and living expenses, and the financial freedom to invest your time in projects you are passionate about without worrying about an immediate return.
Imagine feeling excited about the clients you are working with, and having a steady stream of prospects excited about working with you.
Imagine what would it look like for you to have your dream coaching business.

Community - Creating - Impact - Results - Income

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What is Thrive?

  • A 6 month program with a unique blend of community, group support and one-to-one personal coaching.
  • Intimate one-to-one coaching and mentoring by an experienced real-world coach.
  • Weekly group calls, regular 1:1 coaching, with additional laser calls as required.
  • A strong & supporting community that accelerates results.
  • Income progression - you can make a return on your investment from just one client.
  • Personal attention - a small, intimate gathering allowing 1:1 and group support to focus on you.
  • Strategies - yes, actual strategies that work.
  • Accountability - often disregarded, yet, by human nature, invaluable.
  • A creative soundboard for ideas with access to extensive experience and expertise.
  • Loving honesty in a group of people you can trust, people who will come to know you.
  • Results - when you take action on your insights and learnings, you will get results.

This is not yet another continued exploration into a myriad of spiritual understandings…

To build a coaching business you must get out of the classroom and into the client's world.
Whilst many of the well-known coaching schools and academies offer a very valuable foundation of understanding of various coaching methodologies, modalities and ideas, Thrive provides an intimate and comprehensive level of direct and personal mentoring, coaching support and accountability, with a focus on moving beyond ideas into taking action to create impact, results and income, helping coaches take meaningful steps in developing their very own art of coaching, client acquisition, and business growth.

In Thrive, Phil Goddard brings his plethora of real-world experience to a small group of coaches, to help them move out the often tempting trap of an endless exploration of spiritual ideas, and cut through much of the drivel, noise and misunderstandings that are often proliferated around the profession.

Bringing his 26 years of extensive experience working in corporates, 21 years in and around leadership roles, 25 years running his own businesses and 15 years as a professional coach, Phil's unique real-world view will support this small group in taking practical progressive steps to employ strategies that get to the heart of building a coaching practice.

This program is not a series of Q&A webinars, presentations of other coaches experiences, or a bunch of group laser coaching demo calls. Nor is it a continuation of the distraction of 'going deeper' or 'discovering your true spiritual self.'

Thrive is a results orientated Creative Partnership between Phil and all participants, providing a level of support, accountability, and intimate community not offered by larger coaching schools or even one-on-one coaching programs.

By shifting from consuming to creating, you will build your practice through the single most influential creative agent: action, building your coaching business through being of service and by having intimate and meaningful conversations that make a genuine and useful difference to people's lives.

What do you want to create?

What does your Coaching Life look like?

Phil has been coaching professionally since 2005, and in the last couple of years has:
Written, edited and published two books, and edited & published three others.
Run and facilitated leadership workshops and events in the US, UK and Asia, with follow up individual coaching work in each organisation.
Created a Podcast for coaches, interviewing some of the most amazing coaches around, as well as being interviewed for other podcasts and groups.
Given talks in organisations in the UK and Asia, and presented at various networking events and business meetings across the UK, to groups of 8 to around 100 people.
Run one-to-one coaching intensive retreats, in the UK and on the Greek island of Zakynthos.
Worked with one-on-one clients across the globe, from California to Eastern Australia, throughout Europe and Asia, in many professions and walks of life.

In building a coaching business without focusing on coaching other coaches, his clients have included actors, artists, authors, corporate and executive managers & leaders, historians, journalists, models, nurses, parents, software developers, teachers, and numerous business owners and entrepreneurs.

This would not have been possible without stepping outside of the endless exploration of ideas in the personal-development arena and taking real-world action to create his own Coaching Life.

What Coaching Life do you want to create?

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Whatever brings you here…

Whatever your previous training or coaching modality, whether you have studied:
  • 3Ps
  • NLP
  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
  • Hypnotherapy
  • Health & Nutrition
  • CoActive Coaching
  • Landmark
  • Byron Katie
  • Spiritual Psychology
  • A Course in Miracles
  • ACME School of Coaching
Whatever brings you here, whatever studies, modalities or experience, Thrive will help you take meaningful action to transform that potential into return on investment, develop competency at running a coaching business, creating consistent income, and creating your coaching life.

This program is for you if…

  • You are passionate about serving people and making a difference in their lives.
  • You have been through some coaching training, and have some coaching experience, as both a coach and a client.
  • You are adventurous and curious, love to play, experiment and try things out.
  • You are willing to be challenged, held accountable, be encouraged and supported, and mentored into growing your coaching practice.
  • You are willing to work through discomfort and make your participation in this program work for you.
  • You would love to be part of an intimate community of support where you feel safe to share and explore your own personal challenges, without judgment.
  • You want to create a sustainable lifestyle of prosperity, adventure, fun and simplicity whilst being of service to others.
  • You want to make good money from coaching, with ease, and get paid for being you.
  • You want to break free from a daily ToDo list that doesn’t reflect the life you desire.
  • You are willing to let go of cynicism, take action, and enjoy building a business simply being you.
  • You are generous in sharing your own experiences, and are willing to be a complimentary member that adds value to an intimate support team.

This program is NOT for you if…

  • You would rather go deeper into a spiritual understanding than get in the real world and help others.
  • You prefer to watch videos and attend webinars to having conversations with people.
  • You insist on giving your fears voting rights over what you do.
  • You prefer excuses to action.
  • When things feel tough or uncomfortable, you prefer to bail out rather than work through.
  • You are more committed to creating social media followers than being of service to people and creating clients.
  • You are unwilling to take responsibly for your actions and are opposed to being held accountable to what you want.
  • You prefer to lay low than fly high.
  • You prefer to struggle than play, and don't want to have fun creating a thriving business.

Together we rise.

You will be part of…

An Intimate Group of maximum 6 Coaches on a 6 Month Journey of Liberation & Creation.
This program provides a unique combination of one-to-one coaching and mentoring with the support of an intimate group of just six participants maximum. This will ensure that, unlike larger group programs, everyone gets the attention and trust they want and deserve. No one need feel like the anonymous person at the back of the room.

You will be supported by an intimate community of like-minded coaches who will become your most sincere fans, part of your support team, and who are also committed to your success.

You will have access to the recordings of all one-to-one coaching sessions of other participants, so that everyone may all learn from each other on this journey together.

The group calls begin in February 2020, will last approx. 90 minutes each, and be held every week.

One-to-One Coaching
Your one-on-one coaching will begin with Phil as soon as you have enrolled, and will continue until the end of the 6-month group program.
You will also have unlimited email support from him in-between calls.
One-to-one calls will last approx. 60 minutes, one scheduled each month. A recording of your conversations will be provided, with your permission, to other members of the group.

Private Facebook Group
You will be invited to join a private Facebook group, which will only be for members of this instance of the program.

Your 1:1 Time With Phil

Our time together will be all about exploring and discovering what is the right path for you in creating your practice.

I will help you become clear and excited about the value of your work so that you will be able to talk about it with clarity, confidence and pride.

We will continuously explore next steps for you to keep you moving in the direction of creating a prosperous coaching practice that you love.

With your encouraged permission, a recording of each of your sessions with me will be provided to all other members of the group.

We will have fun!


Thrive is a strong community into which I will bring everything I have, and one that provides a level of intimacy that nurtures all of us, and enables each member to build their own practice in a way that aligns with their own heart’s desires.

Our community will be one of sharing, exploring and learning. You will be part of the journey of your peers and witness their one-to-one coaching with me.

You will share your stories, success and lessons from failure with your peers who will very quickly become your fans.

We will have fun!


In my 15 years of professionally coaching an extremely wide range of clients, specific results vary from changing jobs, new significant relationships, increased salary and company impact, to increased profits and business growth. However, some common personal themes always emerge:
  • An increased love of life and awareness of how life loves us.
  • A strengthening and deepening of personal and professional relationships.
  • From an increased feeling of freedom and fun, a natural inclination towards experimenting and taking action.

I’ve noticed how these themes have played out in my own coaching practice:
  • When I love what I’m doing I get more done. What I get done loves me back.
  • Proposals and conversations about money and coaching agreements have actually become lighter and fun.
  • When my conversations are fun I have more of them.
  • When I have more conversations I create more clients, impact and prosperity.

Whilst specific results can never be guaranteed, this program will certainly help you:
  • Love what you do and have fun doing it.
  • Create connections with people out of genuine loving curiosity and service.
  • Make proposals that are fun and exciting for you and your prospects.
  • Strengthen your relationships with clients and prospects, developing deeper connections that bring prosperity for you and your clients.
  • Have impactful, deeply connected, loving and inspiring conversations that make it inevitable people want to hire you.
  • Charge fees that are inspiring for you and your clients.
  • Develop the freedom of lifestyle you desire.

My Commitment to You

  • I will hold nothing back in supporting you building your practice.
  • I will coach you with sacred honesty, sharing all of my experience, expertise, knowledge and insights with you with undefended openness.
  • I will lead and mentor the group so that you feel completely supported and free to fail, experiment and explore, knowing you are in a safe and sacred place of love, trust and care.
  • I will provide you the same level of intimate support and devotion usually only bestowed upon my one-to-one clients.
  • Whenever additional support, outside of the call framework of the program, is requested or required, I will endeavour to provide such love, attention and support to you whenever my schedule allows.
  • I will only speak to the person I see, which may not be the person you think I should see.
  • I may not always believe your stories, and I will always believe in you.

Your Commitment to Us

  • You will pay in full the program fee of £2950 (Early bird price before 15th January 2020 - £2650)
  • You will hold nothing back and show up on all one-to-one and group calls with undefended openness, and a willingness to explore and discover what is true for you.
  • You will take responsibility for getting what you want and need from the program, and be willing to openly share and discuss ways forward through perceived difficulties.
  • You will take action, with focus, despite your fears, and allow your passion to develop.
  • You will support all participants with your honesty in sharing your own experiences.
  • You will take steps that may fail, and continue to be willing to experiment and explore.
  • You are focused on being of loving service.

Next Steps

If you would like to explore being part of this intimate coaching mastery group and are willing to mirror our commitment to you, please email me at ObscureEmailLib so that we may set up a time to talk about your participation.

More from Phil

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Sometimes it feels like I have been in the coaching profession a very long time, other times I am just getting started.

I have completed extensive training in many areas relating to personal development and the coaching profession, hiring my own coaches and enrolling in programs with Steve Chandler, Rich Litvin, Michael Neill, Robert Holden, various Three Principles mentors, studied A Course in Miracles, other spiritual texts, and bring a wealth of experience of working in the 'real world.'

And whilst I am proud of my career so far, I am seeing there is much more I can do, and I am for the first time turning some attention to specifically how I can help other coaches, making use of all of my experiences.

We've all seen it - the coaching profession is awash with coaching-school graduates who focus on coaching coaches, some even just out of their own nine-to-five job, now attempting to build their business by teaching you how to build yours.

Let’s take a reality check.

Enrolling clients who are either aspiring coaches or people already interested in ‘personal development’ is a completely different game to enrolling, and furthermore, actually being of service and use to people too busy to even open a copy of ‘How to Win Friends and Influence People.’

Take away the self-obsessive nature of pseudo-spiritual idealism in many of the coaching communities and you may see that people in business want solutions to problems and challenges that no amount of lunchtime omming at a oneness retreat will give.

I see the claims of helping you build a thriving practice by people who have space in the calendar for you to book a call with them anytime of your choosing.

I have, for the main part, stayed away from sharing my own expertise and experience with other coaches in this format, not wanting to be yet another coach building a business by coaching coaches. My clientele has always been and remains incredibly diverse, and until now I have worked with only a select few coaches.

Yet, I have had some incredible experiences working with my own coaches, one who recently helped me see how I was being selfish in not using my extensive experience to help other coaches.


26 years in corporate: I know what that environment can be like. Much of my time was during a phase of my life when I was bringing up a family, with all the financial and security demands that brings. In later years the lure of six-figure salaries, a big house & fast car, lots of foreign holidays and ‘financial freedom.’ Then turning my back on it all to pursue something I love - coaching.

21 years in and around leadership roles: From being a small-team leader, to a program manager heading up a team of 400 people and working at board level, working with the directors of one of the biggest TelCos in the world.

25 years running my own small business, providing freelance consultancy, training and coaching.

15 years as a professional coach, fees starting from a few pounds to strong 5-figure agreements.

9 years with coaching as my sole vocation: A bumpy ride, with times of feast and famine, learning from real-world experience of what it takes to run a viable coaching business.

Being in corporate for 26 years, being in and around leadership roles for 21 years, as a small team leader through to being a Program Manager working at board level, running my own companies since 1995, and coaching professionally since 2005 with it being my sole vocation since 2011, I can tell you that much of the drivel portrayed in personal development and coaching communities is simply unwelcome and unhelpful.

People want results, and whilst there are definitely fundamental understandings about life and how we experience life that form the basis of all my work, coaches are only given the opportunity to help their clients when they connect with prospective clients personally and by understanding how they see their world.

In my 15 years as a professional coach I have seen time and time again fundamental principles and strategies at play that have people engage with you and want to hire you.

I am excited to be sharing these with you and working with you to apply them to grow your practice and create your Coaching life.