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In the Coaching Life Podcast internationally renowned coach, speaker and author Phil Goddard interviews coaches and clients to give a real-life, no-filter look at the coaching profession and what it really takes to be a coach .
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076 John Patrick Morgan

A Coaching Life Revisited: Evolving Mastery

John was first on the podcast in episode 10, released in February 2017. In this conversation, as we look back on those three years, John shares with his usual candid openness and honesty, revealing what was going on for him back then, what he’s learning from his son, how he creates his income in details now, and the power of being. He continues to demonstrate his commitment to mastery in all aspects of his life…
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075 Nikki Carpenter

20 Years of Learning

Nikki has been an executive coach for 20 years and in this gem-ridden conversation shares some of her intuitive, heart-centred lessons around working with clients in corporations, coaching leaders…
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074 Nicole Barton

Creating with Fun

Wisdom has ways of telling us to be kinder to ourselves. Of course, we don’t always listen, until we have to. Nicole shares her story of reaching burnout and subsequently dropping the pressure of working hard and shifting to simply having fun.
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073 Tiago Buhr

The Simplicity of Service

Can a simple smile and letters of appreciation really be part of service that leads to the creation of a prosperous coaching life? What of the relationship between being an entrepreneur running a business and actually being a coach? Can you show your faith in coaching in a way that enrols clients with no risk to them?
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072 Peter Sleigh

Being Lived

Having built a very successful accountancy business over the last 12 years, Peter transitioned to full-time coaching in 2019. His dedication to being of service is both compelling and inspiring, and he shares with much enthusiasm and openness how his journey is unfolding right before his eyes…
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071 Regina Kleinhenz

Experimenting with Fun

Just how much fun can you have building a coaching practice? Is following your joy really a fruitful strategy? Should we listen when we think we won’t enjoy doing something? Do you need to figure out who your ideal client actually is?
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070 Dr. Amy Johnson

Being Human

It was Amy's book 'Being Human' written over six years ago, that introduced me to her work, and whilst she has published another great book since then, her willingness to show, explore and share what it is to be human remains.
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069 Phil Goddard

6 Essentials for a Prosperous Coaching Life

There are so many things at play in building a coaching practice and creating your own coaching life. In this episode Phil outlines six essential elements that come up most commonly in conversations with other coaches…
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068 Giles P Croft

Starting Out & Enjoying What You Do

In this conversation Giles brings his light-heartedness, humour and immense enthusiasm for coaching and shares what it’s been like for him at the very early stages of his coaching career.
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067 Dominic Scaffidi

Living by the Laws of Creation

Could there really be a single misunderstanding of how creation works that keeps us from what we want? Dominic has been coaching for eleven years, and in this extended episode shares how he has created a very successful coaching practice, without plans or complex strategies…
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066 Leighann Amanda

The Courage to Love

When her idyllic and dream life fell apart suddenly in October 2017, Leighann began a process and journey of grief, healing, and re-emergence, which she shares in this moving conversation…
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065 Nick Bottini

Just Play

Everyone has a book in them. This episode is for you if you’d like to get that book out. It’s also for you if you have a message or understanding to share with the world.

Nick shares his journey from being a teacher and head of music at a school, to best selling author and coach to musicians…
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064 Phil Goddard

The Nature of Beliefs - A Conversation with Amir Karkouti
And why sharing your understanding of the principles (or indeed anything) may be unhelpful...

In this episode I share a conversation I had with my dear friend Amir, for his WTF Are The Principles Group.

Let’s look at the nature of beliefs and the role they play in our interpretation of the world.
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063 Troy Eckert

Surfing Wild Waves into Coaching

In this raw and open conversation, with infectious enthusiasm Troy shares his journey from being a founder member of a super-successful clothing company, through some of life’s shit-storms, and into his first year in coaching…
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062 Karen DiMarco

Dropping the Mask to Wellbeing

Emerging from a snotty-nosed pool of tears, Karen has realised the freedom of living life without a mask, in full integrity of showing up as herself in all circumstances, which has also brought some immense health benefits…
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061 Michele Attias

The Power of Connecting

Author of the book ‘Look Inside:Stop Seeking Start Living’, that’s exactly what Michele did. Having come across an understanding of how life works that had her feel it was impossible to continue in her well-established therapy work, she has gone on to build a successful coaching practice by connecting, having fun, not taking things too seriously, and by relentlessly being of service.
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060 Ryan Symbai Jenkins

A Hypnotising Journey

From Goroka in Papa New Guinea, Ryan’s journey has taken him to many parts of the world, including Europe, Bangladesh, Australia, the USA, Asia. Following his passion for music, an associated injury led him to Hypnotherapy, which he now practices in Barcelona, Spain…
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059 Jo Munday

Trusting The Path

Coming from a career in radio and leading-edge online video, Jo now coaches people and helps them get their authentic message out into the world. In this episode she shares how a life event set her on a path of exploration that helped her see life differently, and become much more trusting of the path of life
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058 Carol Glover

The Punk Inspired Misfit

Currently transitioning from a rich career with immense experience in senior leadership positions, and now described as a ginger, punk inspired, misfit Exec Coach from the Isle of Man, Carol shares where she is at in the relatively early stages of building an independent coaching practice.
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057 Jo Hodson

Being Open To Possibility

In this very open-hearted conversation, Jo gives us a glimpse of some of the magic of what’s possible when we start questioning our own personal conventions, take action in spite of our fears, and live in alignment with what is in our hearts.
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